Other-Race Foster/Adoptive

The BACW is proud to offer a new, progressive, and comprehensive training and support seminar for Other-Race, Foster/Adoptive Caregivers of African American Children in the Child Welfare System. The training was created in response to the significant increase of children of color in foster and adoptive placements with caregivers of different racial or cultural backgrounds. This training seminar addresses some of the issues and challenges that inevitably arise in these placements.

Training topics include:

  • Conflict management between foster/adoptive parent, biological family, and workers
  • The importance of family connections for black children
  • Child welfare laws including MEPA, IEPA
  • Standards for raising other people’s children
  • Birth connections; the importance of foster/adoptive parents working with birth parents
  • The elephant in the living room, race, and the importance of open communication
  • Survival skills for black children and teens
  • Black identify development, black pride and self-esteem
  • Self protective mechanisms in society
  • Black hair and skin care
  • Is love enough? Black children being raised by other-race parents
  • Cultural bonding and community connections
  • Cross-cultural communication and conflict
  • Differential physical/psychosocial development of black children
  • Raising black male children

To receive additional information about this training, complete our secure online training form. BACW also offers Cultural Competence Training, a comprehensive Cultural Competence Assessment of your agency, Human Services Management and Leadership Development. For more information, contact the BACW at 240.482.4968, e-mail: bacw@blackadministrators.org, or complete the training form.