Human Services Management

Twenty-first Century Human Services Management

This seminar is designed to provide beginning and mid-level staff with a practical framework for managing human service programs and agencies. Emphasis is placed on developing good management techniques, leadership development, team building, understanding budgets and building relationships. Technical and management consulting services are also provided to assist managers and other key staff in delivering and implementing efficient and effective management practices for delivering human services in public or private agencies and organizations. These areas include the following;

  • Long range or strategic plans
  • Program and policy analyses
  • Program development and evaluations
  • Community needs assessments
  • Information systems management for human service programs
  • Reorganization and restructuring of agency programs and services
  • Organizational development
  • General consulting support with other ongoing management functions as determined

Services can be provided on a project-specific basis or through technical assistance provided to facilitate management in assessing the problems and making the appropriate changes. Special training can also include instructions for handling similar problems or issues that may develop in the future. Follow-up reviews and analysis can be provided to determine the extent to which the implemented changes have achieved the outcomes.

Fees: To be determined based upon the work to be performed.

For more information, contact the BACW at (202) 783-3714, e-mail:, or complete thetraining form.