Guiding Principles

BACW is committed to strengthening and supporting the healthy development of African American children, families and communities through advocacy. Since our inception, BACW has adopted and expanded upon the following fundamental principles:

  • Ensure that the Black experience becomes a part of the awareness, understanding and service delivery of child welfare agencies throughout the nation so that Black clients can be better served in a manner which enriches the lives of Black children and families receiving services.
  • Establish a structure which provides knowledge about the Black experience in child welfare programs where it does not exist and to assist agencies in understanding the concept.
  • Assist in the identification of Black administrators and assist them in securing administrative positions in public and voluntary human resource agencies, hospitals and institutions.
  • Make available opportunities for exchange of administrative experience among Black administrators which will expand and enrich their skills, experience and administrative potential.
  • Develop and extend services to all children, with an emphasis on the needs of Black children and their identity.