Cultural Competency

African American children and their families are in crisis in the child welfare system of the United States. The nation’s history of segregation, racial, and cultural bias, negative stereotypes, and exclusion of minorities poses a special challenge to view each child and family in a framework that encompasses the political, social, economic, cultural, and spiritual experience that shapes their identity and behavior.

In an effort to address this problem, BACW offers A Journey Towards Cultural Competence, a four-day training seminar that explores the dynamics of cultural diversity, including cross-cultural communication and encounters, your knowledge level of cultural diversity, and specific skills in cultural competence. People of color will soon constitute the majority in our society. How well we recognize and respect cultural differences — our cultural competence — will shape the future for children and their families. The journey begins with the awareness and appreciation of diversity. It begins with each of us, as we work to make a difference.

This seminar is designed to be delivered to small groups of 15-25 employees and can be presented in its entirety or as separate modules, depending on your needs. To receive additional information, contact the BACW at (202) 783-3714, e-mail:, or complete the Training form.

BACW also offers a comprehensive Cultural Competence Assessments of your agency’s current level of cultural competence.