Cultural Competence Assessments

Culturally competent agency staff value diversity, are knowledgeable, highly skilled, committed to change, and offer culturally appropriate services that are responsive to the needs of diverse groups.

BACW offers a comprehensive assessment of your agency’s current level of cultural competence. BACW provides a thorough analysis of your programs and policies, staff and Board, administrative procedures, governance structure, service delivery, and history with targeted consumers and communities.

Based on our cultural competence assessment, recommendations are made regarding cultural competence training, policy revisions, staff and board adjustments, program modifications, service delivery enhancements, and research needs. BACW is committed to assisting your agency in providing more effective, efficient and appropriate service delivery to children, families and communities.

If you are interested in BACW’s Cultural Competence Assessments and would like more information, contact the BACW at (202) 783-3714, or e-mail: